Funds Transfers

Your funds are yours. To transfer as you please...

The funds transfers feature enables you send money directly from your paystack balance to any Nigerian Bank account. To add money to your Paystack balance, you will need to use the Paystack Topup Feature.


Transfers can be completed in 3 (or 2) easy steps.

  1. Create the transfer recipient
  2. Request a transfer
  3. (Can be disabled - see doc) Finalize the transfer by providing OTP sent to your business phone or email. Note that you can enable/disable email-based transfer OTPs on the dashboard.

Managing transfer recipients

Create transfer recipients so that you can send funds to them. Transfer recipients can be created via the API. Here is the documentation: Create Transfer Recipient

Initializing a transfer

Request a transfer by posting details to the Initiate Transfer endpoint. It is highly recommended that you use a reference when starting transfers. If you do, you can easily verify a transfer in cases where network connectivity cause the response to be lost.

Disable transfer OTP requirement

While OTPs are required to conclude a transfer by default, you can disable this requirement by calling the Disable OTP requirement for Transfers endpoint. An OTP will be sent to your phone to confirm the disable request. Use the Finalize Disabling of OTP requirement for Transfers endpoint to submit this OTP and conclude the process. Future Transfers will not request OTP before starting.