Recurring Debits

Recurring Debits

Paystack offers a simple way to take recurring debits from cards.

Once a customer has paid you successfully, we send you an authorization code that you can save and use to send payments anytime you need to charge the customer.

Taking your first payment
You can take your first payment by either using our web based - inline (popup) or standard (redirect) or native mobile - android or IOS libraries.


The minimum amount required is NGN 30.00, GHS 0.10 or USD 0.20. Initial charges below these amounts will NOT work, especially for VISA cards

Once the charge is successful, you'll run the Verify Transaction endpoint with the transaction reference to get the authorization_code.

We understand that some use-cases do not require an initial charge, (i.e when you want a customer to just add a card), but we strongly suggest that you make an initial NGN 50 charge since zero debits are not supported yet.

Sending recurring debits
Use the charge_authorization endpoint to debit the customers whenever you need to.