Split Payments

The split payments feature enables you split a transaction's payout into two (2) separate bank accounts. An ideal scenario would be a marketplace platform that sells goods on behalf of its vendors. Paystack can automatically split the payouts such that the vendor's bank account is credited with his share and the platform owner gets credited with his own share of the payouts as well. The good news is that we have built this in such a way that it can work across multiple use cases.


Split payments can be implemented in 2 easy steps.

Step 1. Create sub accounts (and specify percentage to be deducted if necessary)
Step 2. Specify the subaccount to be credited when creating a transaction. If you do not specify a subaccount, we will not split the transaction.

Creating subaccounts

Create subaccounts so that you can split transactions with the main account. At the moment, transactions can only be split between the main account and a subaccount, if you will like to split a transaction between multiple subaccounts, you will need our Funds Transfers API .

Subaccounts can either be created on the dashboard Settings >> Split Payments or via the API Create Subaccount . When a subaccount is created, the subaccount_code and the account_name is returned. Please endeavor to verify that the account name matches what you intended. Paystack will not be liable for payouts to the wrong bank account.

Initializing a split payment transaction

Split payments can be initialized by passing the right parameters to Paystack Inline or Paystack Standard or Charging returning customers or Charge Authorization.




(string) The code for the subaccount that owns the payment. e.g. ACCT_8f4s1eq7ml6rlzj


(integer, optional) A flat fee to charge the subaccount for this transaction, in kobo. This overrides the split percentage set when the subaccount was created. Ideally, you will need to use this if you are splitting in flat rates (since subaccount creation only allows for percentage split). e.g. 7000 for a 70 naira flat fee.


(string, optional) Who bears Paystack charges? account or subaccount . Defaults to account

Dashboard Reporting

You can view your transactions on the dashboard. Successful transactions will show a fees split so that you can see how much is split between the sub account and the main account. Payout reports will also be generated for the sub accounts.